Auto Broker Course

Automotive Wholesale is the most desirable role in automotive sales and at the same time the best kept secret available only for owners, Dealer Principals, their family members, or top level management with access to funds and authority to buy inventory.

It has always been the most lucrative auto sales business back in a day, today and it will remain or get even better, in the near future, when manufacturers switch to Direct Sales of New Vehicles.

Used Cars Dealers, Auctions, Private Sellers and Wholesales will always be there to take care of trade ins for new cars and source vehicles for used vehicle dealer’s inventory.

These days, under current circumstances it became The most profitable business which can be run from home, from your vehicle on the road or from your resort suite anywhere in the world.

Shortage of New vehicles created perfect environment for Used Vehicles Wholesale. Prices went up and many owners are selling privately in order to get a top value and many consumers working from home now or switching to EV Electric Vehicles and Selling their ICE Internal Combustion Engine / Gas Vehicles.

In the same time major manufacturers like Ford, Mercedes-Benz are going to sell new vehicles directly on line to consumers. Tremendous opportunity for us, Wholesale People.

What better time than now to start or switch to wholesale business.

Switching from Car Sales, Sales Management, Finance management or any other automotive position to Wholesale can be a challenge.
The biggest concerns are usually:

Where to start,
How much money I need to have,
What Licenses I need,
How and where to source the vehicles,
How to appraise the car and pay exact amount it is worth,
Which software to use,
What is VVR, MMR, AMG, ICO, Vauto, AMG, KBB, CBB,
Who is going to train me to use complex software,
What documents I need to deliver the car,
What vehicles sells and Why,
What are the worst sellers and Why
How to export cars to US,
How to buy at the auction
How to sell at the auction in Canada or USA
How to buy and import from Europe, Japan ……?? etc.

You will get All of these answers and more in this Auto Broker Course in 8 Chapters / 40 lessons and hands on training where students will have chance to actually use appraisal software hands on.
After passing the final exam, FlatOut Wholesale will offer you contract position and real opportunity to earn your tuition back in few weeks or less.
You will be able to use FlatOut Wholesale Line of Credit to buy cars and wholesale it. Some conditions apply.
Auto Broker Course is Unique opportunity to learn the trade inside – out and prepare you to start business in one month only.

I sold my first car in Canada in 1998 at local GM Dealership and took me many, many years to get where I am now in terms or knowledge, experience, buying power, contacts, access to very expensive software.

Sales courses, finance/business office courses cost much more and teaches you obsolete “sales techniques” from 1970s, the same techniques that brought Dealers and Car Sale People Reputation to its knees.

I have learned this trade the hard way and this course is the product of my 24 years experience in all ares in car sales, lease, finance, in house lease, retail, wholesale, buying, export and repping clients vehicles in lane at Manheim Seattle auction.

Use this opportunity to Learn the Wholesale Trade that will bring you great income, flexible hours, unlimited vacation days, unlimited sick days … you name it.
If you are on the Sales Floor Today or Sales Tower or Business / Finance / Lease / Fleet Office and concern about your income, useless meetings, Lack of Vacation Days, Lack of Sick Days, Lack of Personal Days (What’s that?), commuting, long hours waiting for customer to finally shows up, or in any Industry and Need a Change for The BETTER……This Course is for You.

Ask Questions, Pre-Register online at Contact Form, email or Call / Text 604 418 1755

Keep in Mind:

Nobody Will Teach You Wholesale but Me

ABC AutoBroker Course

Course duration: 4 Weeks On Line Study and Zoom Meetings
Course is designed for students and businesses across Canada
Some Provincial Difference in Licensing are possible

ABC – Auto Broker Course